Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Why do we need the "Community of Travelers"?

Why do we need the "Community of Travelers"?

"Community of Travelers" is important because it is experimenting with new ways to do church which make sense to urban postmodern young people. It is a place where:

The Gospel matters, liturgy is recontextualized, and we are free to reclaim the word "Christian"

Scripture is honored enough to be faithfully questioned and struggled with

We no longer have to culturally commute or bracket out parts of ourselves to be in Christian community

We are co-creators of worship, rather than just passive participants; aesthetics and theology both matter

The community is both intellectually and spiritually stimulating

We provide a connection or a bridge to the mainline and to the traditions of the church

"Community of Travelers" is important because it takes community and relationships seriously. It is a place where:

People can land, they can call this community a home

The work of the spirit is witnessed to through relationships where there is vulnerability, challenge and growth

Our deepest longings can be expressed and heard

True community is offered, people belong to each other so that we share both joys and sorrows

We connect the margins and the mainstream

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